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Tiffany Gross

Tiffany Gross

Tiffany Gross: Senior Underwriting Consultant

The Agents’ Marketing Group is very pleased to announce that Tiffany Gross has joined our firm and will serve as an underwriting consultant. Through a partnership Tiffany will provide additional underwriting support to our case managers, sales staff and agents. Tiffany will focus on large case underwriting and will have an immediate impact on the negotiation of high risk, complex cases.

By adding Tiffany to our team, we will gain the opportunity to enhance our ability to research, interpret and synthesize the many complicated issues that arise when underwriting larger, more complex cases. This collaboration will better allow us to present the case to the best insurance companies and extract from the industry the most favorable underwriting outcomes. Tiffany’s role will be that of support, guidance and enhancing your overall experience in working with our firm, if you feel you have a case that will need her involvement we ask that you please reach out to your case manager or sales staff to engage her in the process. This enhanced process will provide confidence to our advisors and certainty for their best clients.

Tiffany began her carrier in brokerage in 1997 when she started with BISYS (now Crump) where she quickly advanced as a team leader and mentor for junior underwriters. In 2006 she joined one of the largest privately owned brokerage firms as a Sr. Underwriting Director, where her focus was to collaborate with top advisors as well as training new underwriters, case managers and was heavily involved in agent recruit/sales meetings. In 2011 Tiffany joined IDA as a Sr. Underwriter to provide underwriting support for a select few of the IDA offices and has since that time been able to establish a solid partnership and successful track record within these organizations as well as with our carriers.

Tiffany is proficient in interpreting ekg’s, financial underwriting, reviewing medical records & lab results to assess risk and find hidden underwriting credits. She will be able to provide training and mentoring to our staff and has access to online carrier underwriting manuals to help guide us in the right direction when negotiating and placing our cases.

Tiffany is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and now resides in Tampa Florida. She is an avid Steelers fan, loves hockey, is an animal lover and a fitness enthusiast. You will find her passionate about her career and loves the competitive nature of our business. Please join us in welcoming Tiffany Gross to our organization!